Raising Kingdom Kids 2019 Online Summit

preparing the next generation Titus 2 style

Feb 18-20

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Glean knowledge, wisdom, and understanding

from moms seasoned in the Torah-pursuant faith lifestyle. As Torah pursuant believers, it can become increasingly difficult to raise children who are truly prepared for what is to come. Your eagerness to learn from others who can teach/show you how to do it has been heard and answered! Join Raising Kingdom Kids host, Michelle Huddleston, as she brings a live discussion to the comfort of your living room with some of the Torah-pursuant community's most respected women of faith. This event will take place via livestream on With the Huddleston's YouTube Channel. Subscribe below to catch it live, or the replay at your convenience!

About the Host & Speakers

Michelle Huddleston

With the Huddlestons, Huddleston Academy & More Than Moiority

When it comes to raising kingdom kids the yoke can be easy and the burden light. Join Michelle as she talks about how to do this, and more.
Speaking: 2/18 @ 8p CST

Amy Guenther

Torah Sisters Magazine

Providing practical and realistic advice and wisdom, Amy will discuss what to do when Daddy doesn't keep Torah and how to teach children to love those who don't keep Torah.
Speaking: 2/19 @ 2p CST

Anne Elliott

Homeschooling Torah & Foundations Press

Join Homeschooling Torah founder Anne and I as we chat about homeschooling from the tree of Life. Her wisdom and insight is one you don't want to miss!
Speaking 2/19 @ 7p CST

Nitza Moshe

Remnant Redemy

Can transitioning from a Christian homeschooling perspective to a Torah one really be all that different? Join Nitza and I as we talk about how it changed hers!
Speaking 2/20 @ 5p CST

Marciea Pinder

Pinder Institute

From Christian celebrations to Feast Days, Marciea and I will chat about practical ways to navigate between the two and celebrate what Yah commands.
Speaking 2/20 @ 6p CST

Quick info to know:

How much does the summit cost? It is absolutely FREE; however, donations will be accepted to help bless the speakers and pay for production costs.

Where will the summit take place? You will be able to tune in via livestream on With the Huddlestons YouTube channel.

What if I can't tune in live? No worries! Replays will be available instantly to watch at your convenience (and easily share with others)!

How can I donate? A donation link will be provided in the first email you receive after "saving your spot".

I am unsure about what it means to be "Torah-pursuant" but I believe in God. Will I benefit from attending? Absolutely! Torah-pursuant simply means that we honor the "Old Testament" commands as they are applicable for us today.

I have more questions, who do I contact? Please email Michelle Huddleston with any questions and/or concerns - michelle@withthehuddlestons.com

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